Active Doody, LLC is always Dependable & Affordable, “HOOAH!!”

Love your dog but hate the mess? With Active Doody, LLC Pet Waste Removal Service, you can wash your hands of the whole “clean up” business. We offer weekly, bi- week and monthly scooping service, as well as one-time clean ups to keep your yard clean and safe for your family and pets to enjoy year-round.


Active Doody, LLC is dedicated to making the world a better place to live, one waste removal at a time. With our environmentally friendly pet waste management practices, we not only keep your community clean and safe for families and pets to enjoy, but we work to improve the local environment as well.


PooPrints is a commercial service that uses DNA profiling of feces to assist with pet waste management. DNA is first collected by a cheek swab, and registered online at the DNA World Pet Registry. 

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Active Doody, LLC is Arkansas's trusted leader in pet waste removal services for homeowners and communities. Doody is our duty, and we take our job seriously—with all our services 100% guaranteed.

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